How to do Facial Gymnastics

Want a face to look bright and fresh, not only have to use creams and facial treatments. Facial exercises can be an easy way to get a fresh and certainly without using chemicals.

Not only does the body need gymnastics, the face also needs gymnastics to feel fresher and look younger. Facial exercises are also used as Bell’s palsy therapy, post stroke, or facial trauma which results in facial muscle paralysis.

How to do Facial Gymnastics

Facial massage and gymnastics can improve blood circulation, as well as the supply of nutrients to the skin of your face, although how big the effect is on the health of facial skin, it still needs to be further investigated.

The following are some easy ways to do facial exercises that you can practice at home or anywhere. You are advised to do the following facial exercises as much as 5 times in each movement. So that facial exercises can be done easily, do it while sitting in front of the glass.

Here are some facial exercises:

  • Raise the eyebrows and then bring the eyebrows closer to each other (frowning). You can use your fingers to help feel this facial movement.
  • Wrinkle your nose.
  • Take a deep breath through the nose, then exhale with the nostrils expanding.
  • Move both sides of the tip of the lips outwards using your fingers to form a smile. Then release your finger and hold for a few moments. Then release one by one, for example the left side first, then the right side.
  • Press your lips together like you’re pinching. Or use aids such as a small straw that is sandwiched between the lips.
  • Pinch the end of a cotton bud or a small straw on one side (right / left) of your mouth, then hold for a few moments. Then let go.
  • The movement of your mouth is like saying the letter ‘U’.
  • After that, try to pull and lower both corners of your mouth.

After doing facial exercises, you can gently massage your face by using a facial moisturizing cream so that facial muscles relax. Don’t forget, wash your hands before doing facial massage. Here’s how:

  • For starters, gently pull the right and left sides of your neck upward using the four fingers of your two hands in turn. Repeat 5 times.
  • Massage the jaw using the four fingers of both hands, using a circular motion on the jaw part of the face. Also do this movement 5 times.
  • Massage rotate your chin area for 2 minutes by placing both thumbs on the chin and both index fingers under the chin (such as chin pinching movements).
  • After that, massage the second part of your cheek by using four fingers rotating for several minutes.
  • Massage around your eyes using the ring finger for 5 times. Starting from the tip of the eye part of the temple, then the bottom of the eye, then to the inside corner of the eye, to the area above your eyebrows.
  • Then massage your forehead using the tips of your fingers, by pinching the forehead skin between the two fingertips. Perform this movement from the right side to the left forehead then vice versa. Do it five times with zigzag movements.

When doing facial exercises and massages, you are advised to do all the above movements gently and carefully.

Myth of Face Gymnastics

Before you do facial exercises, make sure in advance what your goals for doing facial exercises are. Because although it can make your face feel fresh, there are a number of facial gymnastics myths that you also need to know. Among them:

  • Facial exercises can make your face flush
    If your goal of doing facial exercises is to reduce chubby cheeks, you should not expect too much. Although doing facial exercises can tighten your muscles, it doesn’t mean you can make your cheeks taper. To get tapered cheeks, need a healthy diet to lose weight. Cosmetic surgery procedures are also often needed to get a thin face.
  • Facial exercises can reduce wrinkles
    Some people might believe that doing facial exercises can help reduce wrinkles. However, in reality there is no 100% research that shows that facial exercises can help you in that regard. To get a face without wrinkles, of course other methods are needed such as surgery, Botox injections, filler injections, or the use of face creams.
    Another way to reduce wrinkles is to eat fruits, vegetables, fish that contain omega-3s, cocoa or chocolate, and soy-based supplements. In addition, you need to change your lifestyle to be healthier, by getting enough sleep, not smoking, avoiding sunlight, and using sun protection cream.

In addition to doing facial exercises, to get healthy skin and feel fresh also need to eat foods that can support skin health. For example eating foods that contain vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, selenium, and of course drink lots of water.